Vanishing Edge Pools

They are popular at photo shoots, and exotic resorts, but vanishing edge swimming pools are becoming more and more popular.

They’re also called infinity edge, or zero edge pools. These types of swimming pools are designed in a way so that the pool appears to drop off into the horizon, giving it the visual effect of water extending or vanishing into infinity.

There are several things to consider, in determining if a vanishing edge swimming pool is good for you. Among them are the space of your yard, the view that you want, and the style of your home. Only a consultation with an experienced pool contractor will help decide if this type of pool is suitable.

Not every Jacksonville swimming pool builder has mastered the understanding of the construction and structural details of building vanishing edge pools. However, the professional contractors with Fantasy Pools of North Florida can bring their experience with vanishing edge pools to build the high end look that will make your friends and family envious.

For more information about vanishing edge swimming pools, and to see about how we can help you achieve this design, contact Fantasy Pools of North Florida today.